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  Description: Immunofluorescence (IF) does not distinguish among many the variants of immunofluorescent tests. Fluorescent antibody (FA) assay is a general term for procedures which utilize the visual detection of fluorescent dyes coupled conjugated to antibodies which react with the antigen when present using fluorescent microscopy. Direct fluorescent antibody assay (DFA) is a form of fluorescent antibody technique utilizing a fluorochrome conjugated to an antibody, which is added directly to a tissue or cell suspension for the detection of a specific antigen. Indirect fluorescent antibody assay (IFA) is a form of fluorescent antibody technique commonly used to detect serum antibodies and immune complexes in tissues and microorganisms in specimens from patients with infectious diseases. The technique involves formation of an antigen-antibody complex which is labeled with fluorescein-conjugated anti-immunoglobulin antibody. (From Bennington, Saunders Dictionary and Encyclopedia of Laboratory Medicine and Technology, 1984)

  Part: IF
  Type: METHOD
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  Created On: 5/3/2000

  Chinese (CHINA)  (From: Lin Zhang, A LOINC volunteer from China)   SYNONYMS
  免疫荧光法     IFA法;IF法;抗补体免疫荧光法;时间分辨荧光法;荧光原位杂交技术;荧光原位杂交法;荧光抗体
  Dutch (NETHERLANDS)  (From: NVKC, Dutch Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, The Netherlands)   SYNONYMS
  immunofluorescentie     IF
  Estonian (ESTONIA)  (From: Estonian E-Health Foundation)    
  French (BELGIUM)  (From: Jean M. Prevost, MD, Biopathology)    
  French (CANADA)  (From: Canada Health Infoway Inc.)    
  Italian (ITALY)  (From: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)   SYNONYMS
  IF     Immunofluorescenza (IF)
  Russian (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)  (From: Yaroslavl State Medical Academy)   SYNONYMS
  ИФ     Иммунофлюоресценция (ИФ)
  Spanish (SPAIN)  (From: the Clinical Laboratory Committee of SERVICIO EXTREMEÑO DE SALUD, with the support of BITAC MAP.)    
  Inmunofluorescencia (IF)      
  Turkish (TURKEY)  (From: LOINC Turkish Translation Group and the Turkish Ministry of Health)   SYNONYMS
  IF     İmmünflorerans

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