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  Description: Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is DNA that circulates in the plasma, and in pregnant women, cfDNA is both maternal and fetal in origin. Fetal cfDNA can be detected in maternal plasma as early as 7 weeks' gestation and the proportion of fetal cfDNA increases during the pregnancy. Fetal cfDNA is continuously added to maternal circulation and is cleared within hours. Certain noninvasive prenatal screening tests analyze maternal cfDNA to determine the fetal risk for a variety of genetic disorders. The proportion of cfDNA, calculated as fetal cfDNA/total cfDNA and also known as fetal fraction, is one of the reported measures, and in general, samples with a higher fetal fraction yield more sensitive results than those with lower fetal fraction. [PMID: 24466384]

  Construct for LOINC short name: cfDNA.fet
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  Created On: 9/4/2014

  Chinese (CHINA)  (From: Lin Zhang, A LOINC volunteer from China)   SYNONYMS
  cfDNA.胎儿     胎儿血浆循环 cfDNA;胎儿血浆循环 DNA;胎儿循环游离核酸;胎儿血浆游离 DNA;胎儿血浆无细胞 DNA;Fetal free circulating/cell-free DNA;Fetal free circulating DNA
  Dutch (NETHERLANDS)  (From: NVKC, Dutch Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, The Netherlands)    
  cel-vrij DNA.foetaal      
  Italian (ITALY)  (From: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)   SYNONYMS
  DNA libero circolante.fetale     DNA fetale libero circolante
  Spanish (SPAIN)  (From: the Clinical Laboratory Committee of SERVICIO EXTREMEÑO DE SALUD, with the support of BITAC MAP.)    
  ADN fetal libre de células      
  Turkish (TURKEY)  (From: LOINC Turkish Translation Group and the Turkish Ministry of Health)    
  Hücresiz DNA.fetal      

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  Display name: Cell-free DNA.fetal
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