LP185776-4     Fetal 22q11.2 deletion risk

  Part: Fetal 22q11.2 deletion risk
  Description: 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, also known by many other names including DiGeorge syndrome, CATCH22, and velocardiofacial syndrome, is caused by the deletion of a small piece of chromosome 22. 22q11.2 deletion syndrome is associated with variable characteristics including congenital heart disease, recurrent infection due to immune dysfunction, cleft palate and other distinct facial features, cognitive delay and autoimmune disease. The general population risk of 22q11.2 deletion is about 1 in 4,000 live births, and does not change with maternal age. Fetal risk of having 22q11.2 deletion syndrome can be derived from the general population risk as well as prenatal genetic testing of fetal DNA. [GHR: 22q112-deletion-syndrome]

  Construct for LOINC short name: 22q11.2 del risk
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  Chinese (CHINA)  (From: Lin Zhang, A LOINC volunteer from China)   SYNONYMS
  22q11.2 染色体缺失风险     22q11.2 染色体缺失(基因缺失、缺损、基因缺损、基因删除、删除、基因丢失)综合征风险(危险性、风险性、危险);染色体 22q11.2 缺失症候群风险;迪乔治综合征风险;DiGeorge 综合征风险;迪乔治综合症风险;狄乔治氏症候群风险;迪格奥尔格综合征风险;DiGeorge syndrome;DGS;迪乔治畸形;DiGeorge anomaly;颚心脸综合征;腭心面综合征;心瓣面综合征;圆锥动脉干异常面容综合征;异常面综合征;斯特朗综合征;先天性胸腺发育不全;先天性胸腺发育不良;胸腺发育不全;胸腺发
  Dutch (NETHERLANDS)  (From: NVKC, Dutch Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, The Netherlands)    
  22q11.2 deletierisico      
  Italian (ITALY)  (From: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)    
  Delezione 22q11.2 rischio      
  Spanish (SPAIN)  (From: the Clinical Laboratory Committee of SERVICIO EXTREMEÑO DE SALUD, with the support of BITAC MAP.)    
  Riesgo de deleción 22q11.2      
  Turkish (TURKEY)  (From: LOINC Turkish Translation Group and the Turkish Ministry of Health)    
  22q11.2 delesyon riski      

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  Display name: Fetal 22q11.2 deletion risk
  Preferred Abbreviation: 22q11.2 del risk