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  Description: The ABO blood group antigens are encoded by one genetic locus, the ABO locus, which has three alternative forms: A, B, and O. A child receives one of these three forms from each parent, yielding six possible genotypes and four possible blood types (aka phenotypes: A, AB, B, O). ABO blood group antigens remain of prime importance in transfusion and transplantation medicine, and they are the most immunogenic of all the blood group antigens. ABO antibodies are of major clinical significance because they are naturally and universally occurring, and they are highly reactive. The distribution of the four phenotypes varies across the world – type O is the most common, followed by type A, then type B, and type AB is the least common. The ABO system is acknowledged in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular, infectious and neoplastic disorders, and pre-eclampsia. H antigen deficiency is known as the "Bombay phenotype" and is found in 1 in 10,000 people in India and 1 in 1 million people in Europe. [NCBI Books:NBK2267] [PMID:27177402] [NCBI Books:NBK2264]

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  Chinese (CHINA)  (From: Lin Zhang, A LOINC volunteer from China)    
  ABO 血型      
  Dutch (NETHERLANDS)  (From: NVKC, Dutch Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, The Netherlands)    
  Estonian (ESTONIA)  (From: Estonian E-Health Foundation)    
  French (BELGIUM)  (From: Jean M. Prevost, MD, Biopathology)    
  Groupe ABO      
  French (CANADA)  (From: Canada Health Infoway Inc.)    
  Groupe ABO      
  Greek (GREECE)  (From: Efstratia Kontaxi, MD, MSc, and Evripidis Stefanidis, MD, with technical support from Panagiotis Kontaxis, Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineering.)    
  Ομάδα αίματος ΑΒΟ      
  Italian (ITALY)  (From: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)   SYNONYMS
  ABO, gruppo     Gruppo ABO
  Russian (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)  (From: Yaroslavl State Medical Academy)    
  ABO группа      
  Spanish (SPAIN)  (From: the Clinical Laboratory Committee of SERVICIO EXTREMEÑO DE SALUD, with the support of BITAC MAP.)    
  Grupos sanguíneos AB0      
  Turkish (TURKEY)  (From: LOINC Turkish Translation Group and the Turkish Ministry of Health)    
  ABO grubu      

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