LP172871-8     Dosage of chromosome-specific cfDNA

  Part: Dosage of chromosome specific cf DNA
  Description: The dosage of chromosome specific cell-free DNA (cf DNA) method has two basic steps. First, oligonucleotides that are known to be associated with chromosome-specific regions of interest are targeted and amplified using a sample of circulating cf DNA from maternal plasma, which is both maternal and fetal in origin. Second, the proportion of DNA contributed by each chromosome in the sample is compared to expected results in order to calculate a risk score for fetal chromosomal aneuploidies. For example, if the proportion of DNA from chromosome 21 is higher than expected, the result may indicate fetal Trisomy 21.

  Part: Dosage of chromosome specific cf DNA
  Type: METHOD
  Status: ACTIVE
  Created On: 4/29/2013

  Chinese (CHINA)  (From: Lin Zhang, A LOINC volunteer from China)   SYNONYMS
  染色体特异性 cfDNA 剂量测定     染色体特异性 cf DNA 剂量测定;染色体特异性游离循环 DNA 剂量测定;染色体特异性循环游离 DNA 剂量测定;Cell Free DNA
  Italian (ITALY)  (From: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)   SYNONYMS
  Dosaggio di DNA libero fetale circolante cromosoma specifico     Dosaggio di DNA libero fetale circolante cromosoma
  Spanish (SPAIN)  (From: the Clinical Laboratory Committee of SERVICIO EXTREMEÑO DE SALUD, with the support of BITAC MAP.)    
  Dosificación de ADN ccf de cromosoma específico      

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