93012-3  Speech disturbanceSpeech disturbanceSpeech disturbance: Score: Pt: ^Patient: Ord:  

  Fully Specified Name: 
Component   Property   Time   System   Scale   Method
Speech disturbance  Score  Pt  ^Patient  Ord 
  Long Common Name:  Speech disturbance
  Short Name:  Speech disturbance

  Class/Type: NEURO/Clinical
  First Released in Version: 2.66
  Last Updated in Version: 2.66
  Order vs. Obs.: Observation
  Status: Active

Source: Consensus measures for Phenotypes and Exposures
  SEQ#        Answer        Score        Answer ID    
  1       Normal
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 17621005 Normal (qualifier value)    
  0       LA6626-1  
  2       Suggestion of speech disturbance       1       LA30160-8  
  3       Impaired speech, but easy to understand       2       LA30161-6  
  4       Occasional words difficult to understand       3       LA30162-4  
  5       Many words difficult to understand       4       LA30163-2  
  6       Only single words understandable       5       LA30164-0  
  7       Speech unintelligible / anarthria       6       LA30165-7  

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  LOINC   Long Common Name   Answer List Id Answer List Type   # of answers
  93016-4 Scale for the Assessment and Rating of Ataxia [SARA] LL5340-6 NORMATIVE 7


Part Type    Part No.  Part Name   
Component   LP343916-5  Speech disturbance 
Property   LP185820-0  Score 
Time   LP6960-1  Pt   [Point in time (spot)] 
Super System   LP6985-8  Patient 
Scale   LP7751-3  Ord 

  NEURO QL Random
  Ordinal Qual Scale
  Point in time Qualitative Screen

Code System Code Code Text Code Version
   https://www.phenxtoolkit.org   PX220101040000   PX220101_Ataxia_Speech_Disturbance   

  Change Type: ADD

  Detail Page Created On: 6/26/2019 11:53:05 AM
  Long Common Name: Speech disturbance
  Shortname: Speech disturbance
  Fully Specified Name: Speech disturbance: Score: Pt: ^Patient: Ord:
  Component Word Count: 2
  ID: 100592
  Status (Raw): ACTIVE

  Code System: http://snomed.info/sct
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