LL4627-7    CMS_MDS Dental subset 2 / Answers: 2; Scale: Nom; Code: A,F; Score: -

  Answer List num: LL4627-7
  Status: ACTIVE
  Description: Answers: 2; Scale: Nom; Code: A,F; Score: -
  Externally Defined: False
  Name: CMS_MDS Dental subset 2
  # of Answers Shown: 2
  # of LOINCs Using This List: 0
  Source Name: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

ANSWER LIST    (LL4627-7)  
Source: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  SEQ#        Answer        Code         Answer ID    
  1       Broken or loosely fitting full or partial denture (chipped, cracked, uncleanable, or loose)       A       LA27932-5  
  2       Mouth or facial pain, discomfort or difficulty with chewing       F       LA27937-4