LL3044-6    Yes/No/Unk / Yes/No/Unknown

  Answer List num: LL3044-6
  Status: ACTIVE
  Description: Yes/No/Unknown
  Externally Defined: False
  Name: Yes/No/Unk
  # of Answers Shown: 3
  # of LOINCs Using This List: 53
  Source Name: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

ANSWER LIST    (LL3044-6)  
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  SEQ#        Answer        Code         Answer ID    
  1       Yes
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 373066001 Yes (qualifier value)    
  Y       LA33-6  
  2       No
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 373067005 No (qualifier value)    
  N       LA32-8  
  3       Unknown
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 261665006 Unknown (qualifier value)    
  UNK       LA4489-6  

  77965-2    Immediate national notifiable condition
  77974-4    Patient was hospitalized because of this condition
  77978-5    Patient died from illness of interest
  77980-1    Case is associated with a known outbreak
  77996-7    Pregnancy status at time of illness or condition
  78026-2    Diagnosis present on admission
  78027-0    Follow-up attempt within 24 hours
  78924-8    History of Hyperuricemia
  78925-5    History of cerebrovascular accident
  78926-3    Myocardial infarction in past 24 hours
  78929-7    Peripheral vessels fluoroscopic angiogram performed
  78930-5    Right heart catheterization performed
  78931-3    Spasm load test performed
  78932-1    Optical coherence tomography performed
  78934-7    Temporary pacing performed
  78935-4    Percutaneous cardiopulmonary support performed
  78936-2    Cardiac procedure complication [Presence]
  79734-0    Initial unilateral retinoblastoma that later developed into bilateral disease
  80270-2    Passing flatus
  80726-3    Blood sampling performed Cardiac catheterization
  80727-1    Percutaneous coronary intervention performed
  82312-0    Blood transfusion andor organ transplant 12 months
  82314-6    Specimen sent to CDC
  82751-9    Maternal Babesiosis during pregnancy Qualitative
  82761-8    Identified based on transfusion investigation post blood product donation
  82762-6    Outdoor activity --8 weeks pre symptom onset or diagnosis
  85473-7    Male sexual partner in last 12 months
  85656-7    Sexual activity with a new partner in past 60D
  85687-2    Treated for Chlamydia trachomatis or Neisseria gonorrhoeae in last 3 to 12 months
  85689-8    Sexual activity with known Chlamydia trachomatis AndOr Neisseria gonorhoeae case
  85694-8    Documentation of previous rubella immunity testing
  85696-3    Previous rubella disease was serologically confirmed
  85697-1    Rubella diagnosis --pre pregnancy
  85699-7    Autopsy was performed
  85700-3    Age and setting of exposure to illness verified
  85702-9    Mother Received vaccination for illness of interest
  85705-2    Mother has had previous deliveries in U.S.
  85708-6    Mother Directly exposed to a confirmed case
  85709-4    Traveled outside the U.S. during first trimester of pregnancy of Mother
  85710-2    Mother Knows location of exposure to illness
  85711-0    Rubella was serologically confirmed at time of illness in Mother
  85713-6    Vaccinated based on recommended guidelines
  85716-9    Rubella-like illness during the pregnancy in Mother
  85717-7    Serologic testing was performed in Mother -- pre pregnancy
  85721-9    Rubella vaccine was received by children under the age of 18 in the mother's household during the pregnancy
  85723-5    Mother attended a family planning clinic prior to conception
  85727-6    Lymphadenopathy in Mother
  85730-0    Fever in Mother
  85733-4    Maculopapular rash in Mother
  85794-6    Arthralgia/arthritis [Presence] in Mother
  90366-6    Received healthcare outside the U.S. in the past
  91515-7    Received healthcare in U.S. but outside resident state
  92573-5    Resident of region that is endemic for the disease of interest

  Code System: http://snomed.info/sct
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