LL2972-9    ABORh / ABO and Rh Grouping

  Answer List num: LL2972-9
  Status: ACTIVE
  Description: ABO and Rh Grouping
  Externally Defined: False
  Name: ABORh
  # of Answers Shown: 8
  # of LOINCs Using This List: 14
  Source Name: Canada Health Infoway

ANSWER LIST    (LL2972-9)  
Source: Canada Health Infoway
  SEQ#        Answer        Answer ID    
  0       O Pos
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 278147001 Blood group O Rh(D) positive (finding)    
  1       O Neg
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 278148006 Blood group O Rh(D) negative (finding)    
  2       B Pos
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 278150003 Blood group B Rh(D) positive (finding)    
  3       B Neg
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 278153001 Blood group B Rh(D) negative (finding)    
  4       AB Pos
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 278151004 Blood group AB Rh(D) positive (finding)    
  5       AB Neg
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 278154007 Blood group AB Rh(D) negative (finding)    
  6       A Pos
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 278149003 Blood group A Rh(D) positive (finding)    
  7       A Neg
http://snomed.info/sct ©: 278152006 Blood group A Rh(D) negative (finding)    

  14577-1    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood from Donor
  19057-9    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood from Newborn
  34474-7    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Cord blood
  44086-7    ABO and Rh group [Interpretation] in Blood from Newborn
  46268-9    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood from Blood product unit--after transfusion reaction
  50773-1    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood from Newborn--after transfusion reaction
  54417-1    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood from Fetus
  77397-8    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood by Confirmatory method
  881-3    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Serum or Plasma from Blood product unit
  882-1    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood
  884-7    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Capillary blood
  90039-9    ABO and Rh group [Type] in Blood--after transfusion reaction
  90905-1    Mother's ABO and Rh group Type
  90906-9    Father's ABO and Rh group Type

  Code System: http://snomed.info/sct
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